Fellow confused, sad, don’t always want to get out of bed, sometimes wonders if it’s okay to laugh, lost souls.

This weekly publication is a soft landing place for you. There’s no right or wrong way to show up. Just show up and let the universe do the rest.

I’m Kristi, formerly known as “Mom”

As a writer by trade, the jagged rock face of grief became brand new territory recently.

For many years I’d been accustomed to documenting a more fun and frivolous side of life via travel adventures and anecdotes.

But in September of 2020, life as I knew it imploded when I lost my only child.  My son.  My best friend. In the middle of a pandemic.

After this extinction-level event, nothing mattered to me anymore.  Certainly not writing, and if you know writers you’ll know that’s a huge statement.

But slowly, over time, it did start to matter again.

Then it mattered tremendously because not only is it a way to process my disorientation, writing became a way to connect with others who have traveled this road before me.  And undoubtedly, more will travel this road after me.

Having a very well-established reading audience elsewhere, my journey of loss and all that accompanies it, rapidly began outperforming all other genres I write in.

I became more relatable than I have ever been. It’s a bitch that I had to lose my child to reach that peak.

So, I’ve created this publication as a dedicated, inclusive space to write about the turbulence of loss.

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Because grief is a new emotional adventure every single day. I’ve come to discover that some days can feel like small wins while others feel like nothing but a chore.

Sometimes sadness overwhelms but other times humor prevails and it feels weirdly appropriate.

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